Special Guide to Eden, Gangnam VVIP Agency


The Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul is home to a variety of VVIP agencies. One of the most popular is Eden, which offers a diverse line-up of guides and
and special events. Eden has been operating in Gangnam for a long time and has a lot of experience with clients, so they always provide the best service.
the best service. Many clients in Gangnam come to Eden for all their event needs.

Providing a special profile

Eden’s VVIP guides come in a variety of styles. Some are good at dancing and singing, some are good at dialogue, some are empathetic, and some are good-looking. We provide profiles with photos and biographies of our guides so that you can choose the style you want.
From there, you can choose your preferred style from the profiles and book a date and time to meet.
has a wide range of clients, so they have guides with different specialities to ensure that they always have the best service for their clients.

Eden Agency’s client ratings

Eden Agency has client tiers. The agency offers a wide range of services, but each tier has different benefits.
There are regular, silver, gold, and VVIP Diamond tiers, with the top tier giving you access to all the services the agency offers.
The way you progress through the tiers is based on the number of times you use the service, and you need to meet a certain number of monthly transactions to maintain your tier.
The higher your tier, the more benefits the agency will offer you each year and the better your guide’s profile will be, and you’ll be the first to receive your profile. priority to receive profiles first. The agency’s member clients are willing to spend a lot of money to increase their tier.

Services by client tier

Regular level customers are first-time customers or customers who use the service once every few months or year, and the services they can enjoy include receiving profiles and
guides and simple access to dating courses in the Gangnam area.
The Silver level of customer service gives you the opportunity to choose your own guide, including a date, and you’ll be picked up and dropped off in a luxury car in the Gangnam area.
The Gold level allows you to travel domestically, and if you reach the 강남VVIP Diamond level, you can travel internationally and the agency will give you a free night’s stay at a resort or hotel in Southeast Asia.
You can choose any hotel resort in Southeast Asia, such as Cebu, Danang, or Bohol, and the agency will pay for the rental of a venue in that destination.

A variety of agency services

Aside from these dating and travel options, agencies also offer wedding attendants, simple errand running, luxury limousine services, and even yacht rentals and parties for birthdays and parties.
Yacht rental services and party room rental services are also available. These services are in high demand on weekends by a wide range of customers in the Gangnam area. The most popular services used by the agency’s clients are dating and travelling courses, which are in high demand.

Business Assistants

Some of our clients have their own businesses that require frequent travelling and busy schedules. These clients use the agency’s guides as daily assistants to help them with their simple
They use the agency as a daily assistant to help them with simple tasks. Clients hire guides who are provided with a profile by the agency the day before they have a busy schedule and take on their tasks.
often as an assistant to their work. Guides at agencies come in all sorts of specialisations, and most of them have the ability to handle most of what you want.


Eden, an agency in Gangnam, Seoul, has a unique profile and a wide range of services that attract a wide variety of clients.
There are tiers of clients within the agency, and the range of services available to each client varies.

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