how to clear bobcat fault codes

Clearing fault codes on a Bobcat machine is a process that involves accessing the machine’s display interface or control panel. It’s important to note that fault codes are valuable diagnostic tools that indicate issues with the machine. Clearing fault codes should only be done if you are certain that the issue causing the fault code has been resolved. Here are general steps for clearing fault codes on a Bobcat machine:

Important Note: Before attempting to clear fault codes, ensure that any underlying issues causing the faults have been addressed and resolved. Clearing fault codes without addressing the root cause may result in the issue persisting or returning.

Steps to Clear Bobcat Fault Codes:

  1. Access the Control Panel:
    • Depending on the specific Bobcat model, access the machine’s control panel or display interface. This typically involves climbing into the operator’s seat and accessing the control panel or display screen.
  2. Turn On the Ignition:
    • Turn on the machine’s ignition key, but do not start the engine. This will power up the control panel or display.
  3. Navigate to Fault Code Menu:
    • Use the controls on the panel or display to navigate to the fault code menu. This menu may be labeled “Fault Codes,” “Diagnosis,” or something similar.
  4. View Fault Codes:
    • In the fault code menu, you should see a list of fault codes that have been recorded by the machine’s diagnostic system. Take note of the fault code(s) you want to clear.
  5. Clear Fault Code(s):
    • Select the specific fault code(s) you want to clear. The procedure for clearing fault codes may vary depending on the Bobcat model and control panel. Generally, there should be an option to “Clear” or “Reset” the selected fault code(s). Follow the on-screen instructions to clear the code(s).
  6. Verify Clearing:
    • After clearing the fault code(s), check to ensure that they have been successfully cleared from the list of fault codes. The display should indicate that the fault code(s) have been cleared.
  7. Restart the Machine:
    • To confirm that the fault codes have been cleared, you can turn off the machine’s ignition, wait for a few seconds, and then restart the machine. The absence of the cleared fault codes should indicate that the issue has been resolved.

Remember that clearing fault codes is not a substitute for diagnosing and addressing the underlying issues causing the faults. It’s essential to investigate and resolve the root cause of any fault codes to prevent further problems with the machine. If you are uncertain about how to clear fault codes on your specific Bobcat model, consult the machine’s operator’s manual or contact Bobcat customer support or a certified service technician for guidance.

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