how to clear codes on cummins insite

Clearing fault codes on a Cummins engine using Cummins Insite software requires access to the diagnostic software and the proper permissions. Cummins Insite is a professional diagnostic tool used by technicians and fleet operators to diagnose and maintain Cummins engines. Here’s how to clear fault codes using Cummins Insite:

Important Note: Clearing fault codes should be done cautiously, and you should only attempt it if you are certain that the issue causing the fault code has been resolved. Clearing fault codes without addressing the root cause may result in the issue persisting or returning.

Steps to Clear Fault Codes Using Cummins Insite:

  1. Launch Cummins Insite:
    • Start by launching the Cummins Insite diagnostic software on your computer. Ensure that you have the necessary access and permissions to perform diagnostic and maintenance tasks.
  2. Connect to the Engine:
    • Connect the Cummins Insite software to the Cummins engine you want to diagnose and clear fault codes on. This is typically done using a diagnostic adapter cable that connects the engine’s electronic control module (ECM) to your computer.
  3. Identify the Fault Codes:
    • Once connected, navigate to the section of Cummins Insite that displays fault codes. You should be able to see a list of active and inactive fault codes.
  4. Select the Fault Codes:
    • Select the specific fault codes you want to clear from the list. You can often do this by clicking on the codes or using the software’s interface to check the boxes next to the codes.
  5. Clear the Fault Codes:
    • After selecting the fault codes you want to clear, look for an option to “Clear Codes” or “Reset Codes” within the software interface. This option is typically found in the fault code section or a related diagnostics menu.
  6. Confirm Clearing:
    • The software will likely prompt you to confirm that you want to clear the selected fault codes. Confirm your choice to proceed.
  7. Verify Clearing:
    • Check the fault code list to ensure that the selected codes have been successfully cleared. The codes should no longer appear in the active faults list.
  8. Perform a Test:
    • If applicable, you may want to perform a test or diagnostic procedure to verify that the issue causing the fault codes has been resolved.
  9. Exit Cummins Insite:
    • Once you have cleared the fault codes and verified the resolution of the issue, exit the Cummins Insite software.

Remember that clearing fault codes is not a substitute for diagnosing and addressing the underlying issues causing the faults. It’s essential to investigate and resolve the root cause of any fault codes to prevent further problems with the engine. Additionally, using Cummins Insite often requires training and expertise, so it may be best to consult with a qualified technician or Cummins service center for assistance if you are unsure about the process.

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