how to close liftgate glass on escalade

To close the liftgate glass on a Cadillac Escalade, follow these steps:

1. Locate the Liftgate Glass Button:

  • Stand near the rear of the vehicle and find the liftgate glass button. It’s typically located on the liftgate itself, often in the center or slightly to one side. This button is designed to open and close the liftgate glass.

2. Press the Button:

  • Firmly press the liftgate glass button. This action will release the latch and allow you to lift the glass.

3. Lift the Glass:

  • Gently lift the glass upward. It should open easily once the latch is released.

4. Close the Glass:

  • After accessing the cargo area or for any other reason you opened the glass, carefully lower it back into its closed position. Ensure that it is securely in place.

5. Press the Glass Button Again (if needed):

  • Some vehicles may have a separate button for the liftgate glass. If your Escalade has a separate button for the glass, press it again to securely latch the glass in the closed position.

6. Confirm Closure:

  • Double-check that the liftgate glass is fully closed and sealed. Make sure there are no gaps or loose edges.

7. Test the Liftgate (if applicable):

  • If you also need to close the entire liftgate (the part that covers the cargo area), follow the same steps to close it. Some vehicles have separate buttons for the liftgate and the liftgate glass.

8. Lock the Vehicle (if needed):

  • After closing both the liftgate glass and the liftgate, lock your vehicle using the key fob, the door lock button inside the vehicle, or any other locking method you prefer.

Always exercise caution when operating vehicle components, and ensure that everything is securely closed and latched before driving.

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