Should you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Richmond?

As an employee, you expect to have a safe workplace free of hazards. Unfortunately, mishaps happen often. If you were hurt at work in Richmond, you may have questions about seeking compensation. The workers’ compensation system is a form of no-fault insurance, which means you don’t need to prove your employer’s fault to recover benefits. However, you cannot sue your employer either. As the injured worker, you are required to inform your employer about the accident within 30 days.

All these rules and laws may seem complex, and your best bet is to contact a workers compensation lawyer in Richmond. Employees and workers who get injured at the workplace often feel confused about seeking legal help. Here are some pertinent things to know.

Understanding the role of your attorney

  • Before anything else, your lawyer will start with a case assessment and determine the benefits you can recover. If you are worried about your job, remember a straightforward aspect – You are not suing anyone by filing a workers’ compensation claim. Your lawyer will explain your rights and other details.
  • Once that’s done, your lawyer will collect evidence and details, including medical records, recorded statements, accident reports, wage details, and other relevant papers. They will also communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and take care of the paperwork.
  • If your claim is denied, you don’t have to lose hope, as you have the option to file an appeal. Your lawyer will complete the due forms and formalities and ensure you have a chance during the hearing. They will be your advocate and explain why the insurer’s decision was unjustified.

It doesn’t cost anything now

If you are concerned whether you can afford to have an attorney, you should research about the contingency arrangement. Much like injury attorneys, workers’ compensation lawyers also take a share of the final compensation. If you recover benefits, your lawyer gets a percentage, but there is usually an upper cap. The first consultation is usually free with most firms, which allows you to know and evaluate the profile of the lawyers.

Don’t risk your future

When your entire career and life are at stake because of a work injury, you shouldn’t be taking risks. Your best bet is to find an attorney who can offer your assistance without demanding an upfront retainer fee or hourly rate. You can find listings of local workers’ compensation lawyers in Richmond through an online search.

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