The Best Facts About Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerator units can last longer if they are cleaned and maintained properly. Knowing these interesting facts about refrigerators might help you take better care of your units and even save energy, which will help your business in the long run.

A Seemingly Ineffective Unit

One of the most common reasons why refrigeration units don’t seem to work is an easy one. Not closing the unit properly, having dirty or broken gaskets (door seals), or not closing the unit at all can all affect how well and how much power your refrigerator system uses.

 The refrigerator has to work harder to replace the air that is escaping if staff or customers don’t close the units properly. This uses more energy and puts more stress on the device.

Climate Change and Refrigeration

This was found in the 1990s: chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are common refrigerants, were greatly affecting climate change and ozone loss.

 To lower their goods’ carbon footprint, companies changed their methods and started using natural refrigerants like ammonia. Just Refrigeration’s goods use about 40% less electricity than regular refrigerators, which is a fun fact.

LED Lights

In industrial refrigeration units, LED lights use a lot less energy than other types of bulbs. Companies have been adding LED and even motion-activated lights to cut down on their power use in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

Not Enough Room

If you don’t leave enough room behind your fridge, it may work too hard and need electrical work regularly. The manual that came with your industrial refrigeration unit will usually tell you how much space you should have for air flow.

If you don’t have your manual with you, 2 inches is a good amount of room to leave behind your units for air flow. Remember that what the guidebook says is best.

The Cost of Not Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration

Even a small problem with your walk-in freezers, coolers, or any other type of business refrigeration may damage your bottom line and make your customers unhappy.

Since it will be used all the time, even brand-new equipment for cooling and freezing needs commercial walk in cooler repair.

Loss of Produce

Anything that needs to be kept cool would have to be thrown away. It would be a big loss because you would have to write it off and then spend more money to get back everything you threw away.

High Energy Costs

Low-Maintenance fridges, coolers, and walk-in freezers will have to work harder to cool things down, which will use more energy. You’ll have to pay more for power because of that.

High Cost of Repairs

It’s expensive to fix freezer equipment that hasn’t been taken care of properly. It will break down eventually.

You will have to wait until the mechanic can get the broken parts before the tools can be used again. It will also be clear at this point if the tools can be fixed. If not, you may not be able to afford to buy a new one. 

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